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Our Approach

Eric St Physiotherapy excels in it's approach to rehabilitation. We believe that long term improvement comes from within, therefore our focus is on actively educating our clients and providing them with the necessary skills and feedback they require to progress. We focus on total health and long lasting results.

Our unique approach to rehabilitation combines standard physiotherapy (education, manual therapy, dry needling, taping) to a variety of movement rehabilitation such as:

  • Clinical Pilates

  • Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Functional Training

  • Strength and Conditioning 


Patient Care model

Initial Assessment

Treatment at Eric St Physiotherapy begins with an initial assessment with one of our Physiotherapists.  In your initial assessment the Physio will take the time to listen to your history, your health and injury history, your goals and undertake a thorough physical examination. Based upon your current physical condition and personal objectives your Physio will create a treatment plan and suggest the most appropriate services for you.  


Treatment can be broadly divided by the level of supervision you require and the amount or pain or physical limitation that you experience in the present moment. This will then determine the type of services that are available and suitable to you at your current phase of rehabilitation or functional state.

Follow up consultations

Your treatment plan could include a mix of manual therapy, movement analysis and retraining and/or functional exercise to achieve your goals.


Initially this might involve individual sessions with your Physio and, as you progress, you will be guided into the best service to suit your level.


We also offer semi private exercise rehabilitation sessions, if it is suitable for your level and aims, All sessions are ran by physiotherapists and we offer frequent reassessments. If a new condition arise, a new assessment and treatment plan will be designed. 




As part of our professional obligation to you and your private health fund we will need to ensure that our service is effective.  We will reassess you periodically to monitor your progress, ensuring that you are meeting or exceeding your goals and receiving the appropriate level of care.  Re-assessments are an invaluable tool to measure and track your progress, to refine your treatment plan and to maintain effective communication with your treating practitioner. Our aims is for you to achieve your pain/injury, functional goals and also improve your health and quality of life.