World Continence Week

World Continence Week is on this week from the 22-28th of June and the theme is ‘Tell someone who cares’. At Eric st Physiotherapy and Pilates we treat our clients holistically and that includes caring about your continence, and making sure that you care too. Many of our clients come in wanting to do clinical pilates to ‘tighten everything up’, and after looking a little deeper we find that their pelvic floor is one of those things. The fantastic thing is that by combining Women’s Health Physiotherapy targeted at the pelvic floor muscles and following on with Clinical Pilates we can work together and make a real change. A little background on your pelvic floor muscles. They are a group of

Pilates in Pregnancy - classes starting

Our womens health physio, Liz, will be starting a special class starting in July for all the beautiful mamatotos wishing to prepare themselves for a healthy birth. The class will focus on the expenctant mother's needs and promote healthy pelvic floor awareness, strength and stamina for birth and on supporting your body's changing posture. It will also be a great place to get to know other local mums to be and develop a supportive network for when bub arrives. The class will run every Wednesday from 11-12am and have a maximum of 4-6 participants so bookings are essential. Private health care rebates are available under your physiotherapy cover. If you would like to book in or know more tha

Eric St under new management

Eric St Physiotherapy is under new management and has a new name, the Eric St Physiotherapy and Movement Centre. The familiar faces are still there however as Caroline Da Silva has returned from maternity leave and taken over the running of the practice, along with husband, Tom. They are bringing lots of fresh energy and ideas to the space whilst maintaining the services that you know and love, such as Clinical Pilates. Keep an eye on the website as we'll be progressively updating the site and our timetables as we add new services so stay in touch. Hope to see you down at the pratice soon! #PilatesCottesloe #PhysiotherapyCottesloe #practicenews #cottesloe #CarolinedaSilva

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