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Yoga Asanas are one of the oldest forms of remedial exercise, the active limb of the eightfold Yoga path aimed to create union between mind, body and spirit.   Yoga asanas are designed to promote physical health and stamina and to train the body to sit comfortably in meditation.  In todays day and age we spend so much time sedentary, seated, distracted and stressed, often acting against our bodies best interests.  Yoga can be useful in counteract some of these stresses that we impose upon ourselves and calming the nervous system.  Awareness of body and breath, increased flexibility, tolerance and a relaxed state of mind are some of the benefits that the practice of yoga can bring.

General Yoga

General Yoga classes are open to all levels and are adapted to suit the energy and experience of attendees.  Classes emphasize the grounding of poses and the importance of proper alignment and utilise props, small vinyasa sequences and long holds as the occasion arises.

Therapy Yoga

Yoga Therapy uses straps, traction, chairs, bolsters, blocks, blankets, ropes and adjustments to focus yoga poses to the  needs of an individual body.  It is a therapeutic class aimed at soothing aggravated areas of the body and getting into stiff and inflexible joints.  The therapy class has a maximum 1:4 teacher to student ratio.


Yoga 1 on 1

Yoga one-on-one tuition provides you with a greater level of individual attention than you might receive in a busy yoga class.  Receive feedback and cues specific to your body and advice on troublesome areas or poses that you find challenging. This can be very helpful when you are unclear or struggling with certain areas of your practice.