Suite 13, Level 2

36 Eric St, Cottesloe

Perth, WA, 6011

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Physiotherapy Services

At Eric St we have the expertise and the range of services to accompany and assist your body through all the stages of rehabilitation, from injury and limitations right through to performance and regaining maximum function. 


We offer services to improve mobility, balance and to fine tune your bodies movement patterns.  Our aim is to return you stronger, more confident and moving more efficiently to your normal activities, whether they be athletic endeavors, work, or family responsibilities. 



- Back and Neck Pain

- Knee pain

- Headache

- Sports injuries

- Postoperative rehabilitation

- Shoulder and arm pain

- Ankle, knee and hip joint injuries


Sports Physiotherapy

- Treatment of sports injuries

- Movement analysis

- Movement retraining

- Early stage to end phase rehabilitation

- Sport performance

- Swimming screenings

- Athlete screenings & injury prevention

Dance Physiotherapy

- Pre-pointe assessments

- Dance screenings

- Injury prevention program

- Treatment and rehabilitation of dance injuries

- Technique enhancement  (turnout, flexibility and strength)


Women's Health & Continence Services

Ante & Post natal care

- Abdominal rehabilitation

- Sacro Iliac pain and instability

- Antenatal and postnatal care

- Laser and ultrasound inflammation therapy

- Home visits

Continence Management

- Pelvic Floor rehabilitation

- Pelvic floor safe exercises

- Continence issues


Women's Health

- Osteoporosis / Osteopenia

- Prolapse

Exercise based Physiotherapy using  Pilates and gym Equipment

Our physiotherapists deliver tailored exercise programs catering to a wide variety of individuals that wish to work upon specific goals.  All sessions are delivered by physiotherapists and may be eligible for a rebate from your private health fund.

Injury Rehabilitation

Pain management

Movement retraining and efficiency

Safe and supervised exercise setting


Balance and Coordination

Osteoporosis / Osteopenia

Mobility and Agility

Safe, low impact environment

Pilates for Teenagers

Postural education & awareness

Non-competetive environment

Scoliosis management

Movement efficiency education

Injury rehabilitation

Flexibility and strength

Ante & Post Natal

Pelvic floor safe exercises

Studio equipment sessions

Suitable exercise for pregnancy and beyond

Mums and Bubs

Fitright group classes

Sport Specific

Performance enhancement

Injury prevention

Targeted exercise rehabilitation

Cross training

Pilates for Dancers

Improve turnout

Improve limb alignment

Prevent Injury

Dance performance enhancement

Injury prevention