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36 Eric St, Cottesloe

Perth, WA, 6011

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Physiotherapy treats musculoskeletal injury and pain through the use of accurate assessment, diagnosis, manual therapy, mobilisation and massage, in conjunction with exercise prescription, injury management and prevention advice.


At Eric Street Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on excellence in this field and are committed to providing you with the highest quality care.  Our staff are all highly experienced and dedicated to getting you what you need.


Our physiotherapists have extensive post-graduate experience in manual, manipulative and sports physiotherapy


Swimmers Physiotherapy

Our senior physiotherapists at Eric Street have pooled their experiences with working with swimmers to produce an evidence based, swimming specific screening assessment.


It is designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the swimmer so that a tailored and specific exercise program can be implemented.


Our fully equipped rehabilitation studio can facilitate land based, sport specific interventions for athlete injury rehabilitation ensuring a speedy return to full training load.


A key part of our management plan involves liaising with coaches to present the main findings of screenings and communicating the athlete’s injury management plan and progress.


- assessment of posture, alignment, strength and flexibility
-identification of injury risks and natural strengths of each athlete.
- advice and tailored exercises programs to assist in correcting adverse findings.


- treatment of sports injuries and advice for coaches and athletes on management.
- manual treatment and exercise rehabilitation.
- advice and prescription of alternate exercise programs when unableto train at full capacity (periods of active rest).


- swim specific program designed to address individual needs of athlete.
- specific flexibility and muscle activations, myo fascial release
- development of power and motor control