Clinical Pilates 

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Exercise Rehabilitation


We integrate current physiotherapy and medical research with the original Pilates framework of exercise and other forms of exercise, such as functional training, weight lifting and cardio.   Our style of Pilates is based upon new research that indicates that Pilates is more than just "core" strength.


Pilates utilises movement and awareness to enhance your brain's natural ability to learn new movement patterns.  Research into neuroplasticity indicates that the brain has lifelong potential for growth and aquiring new skills, ie it is never too late to learn.

We have a, unique style of exercise rehabilitation combining physiotherapy clinical reasoning, pilates, strength and mobility training, yoga, fascia work and conditioning into our sessions. 

We start where you are and make the sessions fun and challenging,

Pregnancy Exercise


Pregnancy fitness classes are held in our fully equipped Pilates and exercise studio.  They help to maintain a strong body throughout the different stages of your pregnancy and maintain good posture and flexibility.

Our classes are run by qualified physiotherapists and exercises and toning exercises are pelvic floor friendly.  Before joining the sessions you will need to have an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

Pregnancy Pilates type exercise in Cottesloe is a great way to connect with other mums and develop a strong support network with people in your local area.

Mums and Bubs Exercise


Mums and Bubs Pilates sessions are held in our fully equipped studio in Cottesloe utilising a range of Pilates apparatus and other exercise equipment.  Sessions are designed to help you return to fitness after childbirth in a safe way while enjoying the company of your baby.  All sessions are conducted by a physiotherapist with a special interest in the area.

A post natal assessment with a women's health physiotherapist is a pre-requesite for joining the classes.  This gives us and you a complete picture of your obstetric history and your pelvic floor and abdominal wall condition.