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Teen Physiotherapy Services

Eric St is proud to be entrusted with the health and bodies of many local families and their children... it is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. 

We are very mindful that each child is an individual, not a condition and every approach considers the individual’s goals, body and personality for optimum results.

Adolescence is a phase of rapid change, physically, socially and mentally, and we believe that teenagers should be given the best possible tools to manage these changes.

Education on self-management, fostering a healthy body image based upon function not form, and exposure to different movement modalities can help to breed independence and gives adolescents a sense of control over their own bodies.  School based sport is an amazingly effective tool for building the foundation for a healthy and active life, it is also where adolescents concentrate most of their exercise often accompanied by quite demanding training and study loads.

The early identification of injuries accompanied by effective treatment and movement education can provide lifelong benefits and skills to young athletes and help to prevent chronic injury

Within our patient centred model of care our physiotherapists are willing to go the extra mile and take on a central role, referring and coordinating between various health professions as required, giving parents an informed point of contact and ensuring that they are not left with a sense of frustration or neglect.

Teen physiotherapy

- Education and movement retraining

School based programs

- Sport specific injury screenings.

- Postural assessments

- Sports specific strength and conditioning for injury prevention.

Movement classes for teens

- self awareness, concentration

- core control, strength and mobility

-injury prevention and rehabilitation

- safe non competitive exercise environment.