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Functional Rehab and Training

surf conditioning cottesloe
functional training
functional training
safe exercise
rotational sports
  • Goal prioritisation and tailored program development.

  • Individual or small group training

  • Pre and post operative rehab

  • Fully equipped rehabilitation studio

  • Sport specific conditioning

  • Golfer rehabilitation

  • Surf conditioning

  • Dancer development

  • Balance classes

  • Fall prevention program

What is Function?


Function is a measure of the bodies ability to perform the practical challenges that we thow at it on a day to day basis.  Bending, lifting, twisting, walking, running, throwing... the list goes on.


This will vary enormously between individuals as, for an athlete, function could comprise serving a tennis ball at 220kph whereas, for a grandparent, optimal function might be lifting a grandchild out of a cot. 


Both activities are equally important to the person experiencing them therefore at Eric St we offer services tailored to the individual or to small groups.


Surf Conditioning


Classes target surf specific training variables to improve performance on the water, can help you increase your wave count and decrease the risk of injury.


Classes focus on:

- Paddle posture

- Paddle power and endurance

- Core stability

- Balance

- Rotational and lower limb strength

- Agility and mobility

- Range of motion and flexibility


Excellent preparation for your next surf trip or as cross training for your water sports.

Balance Development


Improve Balance Strength and Mobility in a supervised exercise setting.


Includes a physical assessment to give you an accurate picture of your functional health.


Classes are designed to help you:


- Challenge agility and co-ordination

- Improve core stability

- Reduce the risk of falls

- Improve lower limb strength

- Keep up with the grandchildren


Please contact reception on

(08) 9384 9374 to book an assessment.

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