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Surf Conditioning

Training for that next trip, want to make the most of your time on the water, increase flexibility, balance and cardio? Surf conditioning classes with Tom will be starting up on Wednesday evenings and are suitable for clients who have a good level of independence and are able to exercise with a minimum of restriction.

Come along for an off the water workout that will improve your wave count and surfing performance, and decrease your risk of injury. Develop surf specific fitness parameters such as - paddle power and endurance, rotational strength, mid section stability, leg strength and balance whilst working on the postural support and ROM you need to remain injury free.

If you want to get involved then get in touch with reception on 93849374 to book or email us for more details. Pre booking is essential as places are limited to 10 people. Immediately before at 5pm we have a Flexibility class scheduled, a mix of static and dynamic postures for mobility and alignment with yoga, pilates and myofascial release techniques. Special rate available for surf class attendees!

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