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Awareness through Movement beginnings...

The Awareness Through Movement Classes have had a gentle and positive beginning at the Eric Street Practice and it would be lovely to see more clients come down to check them out. Initially, classes have been on a Wednesday evening from 7-8 pm. I am keen to start a class on Tuesday from 1-2pm, as well, so please let us know if you are interested in this time slot.

Feedback from the last series was great:

“My walking is so much easier, almost like I am gliding above the ground”

“…the movement flows more easily, and my arms are helping my legs to move”

The next series of classes will focus on freedom of movement in the hips which will enable many movements to become easier, such as getting down and up from the floor, gardening, climbing in and out of cars, dinghies, kayaks and SUPS.

Please phone the Practice (9384 9374) to express your interest or book in. Your first class can be a free trial so you can find out what it is all about.


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