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Exercise for Pregnancy

Exercise based physiotherapy for mothers


At Eric St we have a strong focus on women's health and believe in empowering mums with the knowledge and support to have the best possible experience.


We are proud to have accompanied and assisted many super-mums throughout their pregnancy and recovery with pregnancy exercise classes, Mum's and Bubs exercise sessions and physiotherapy treatment.





Excercise for Pregnancy


Pregnancy fitness sessions are held in our fully equipped gym which has top of the range Pilates and exercise equipment.  The sessions help to maintain a strong body throughout the different stages of your pregnancy and maintain good posture and flexibility.

Our classes are run by qualified physiotherapists and exercises and toning exercises are pelvic floor friendly.  Before joining the sessions you will need to have an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

The sessions are a great way to connect with other mums and develop a strong support network with people in your local area.

Mums and Bubs


Mums and Bubs sessions are held in our fully equipped studio in Cottesloe utilising a range of Pilates apparatus and other exercise equipment.  Sessions are designed to help you return to fitness after childbirth in a safe way while enjoying the company of your baby.  All sessions are conducted by a physiotherapist with a special interest in the area.

A post natal assessment with a women's health physiotherapist is a pre-requesite for joining the classes.  This gives us and you a complete picture of your obstetric history and your pelvic floor and abdominal wall condition.

Our Facility

At Eric St  we have a strong focus on active rehabilitation and our facility was purpose built to that end.  We have nearly 100 square metres of spacious and naturally lighted studio to help maximise your recovery and wellbeing,


Our rehabilitation studio is fully equipped with top of the range Balanced Body Pilates equipment as well as the latest functional rehabilitation apparatus such as Core Aligns and Functional trainers.  We have a comprehensive range of small apparatus and plenty of open floor space to allow people to really move.

We have well over 30 hours of Exercise based Physiotherapy sessions per week, as well as Mums and Bubs, Exercise for Pregnancy, Falls Prevention and Pilates for dancers


Our sessions cover all scopes and levels of rehabilitation from early stage to final stage rehabilitation.


We also have group fitness and wellness classes (no health fund rebate available) for clients who are able to exercise without restrictions such as surf specific conditioning, functional training and yoga.

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