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Other Services

Movement is multifaceted...

our staff reflect this in their interests and or practice in the services that we provide.  As part of our dedication to Movement in all its forms we offer tailored conditioning sessions for various sports.

These classes can be taken stand alone or may run as a service complementary to your rehabilitation plan as recommended by your physio.

We also complementary services, such as Nutrition, to help you attain your optimum level of health and enjoyment in life.

Functional Training

Functional Fitness classes

Faster paced functional circuit classes suitable for final stage rehab or clients with no exercise restrictions.

Sport Specific conditioning

We currently run sport specific conditioning classes for surfers and dancers.  We can also prepare a tailored conditioning program to improve your or your teams sporting performance.

Balance development

Eric st offers classes aimed to improve balance and co-ordination and reduce the risk of falls.  Part of the service is a funtional assessment to evaluate your current fitness and risk of falls. 

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