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Foot and ankle injuries are experienced both by dancers and the general population, with this small but complex area under constant load.


Practice principal, Caroline da Silva, practised many years of ballet and she has extensive hands on experience in the treatment  of a range of foot injuries, dysfunction and limitation through conservative interventions, prescriptive exercise and / or referral to other qualified professionals where required.



Foot, Ankle and Dance Physiotherapy

Foot and Ankle physiotherapy

Our physios have experience in dealing with foot and ankle injuries, a small but detailed area, both with dancers and the general population.  We provide musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatment, preventative exercise, professional advice and, where surgery is required, we can assist with pre and post operative rehab.

Foot and ankle injuries and stiffness can affect how other areas of the body function. A skilled assessment of the foot and ankle can help how you move overall and how the body is loaded.

If you had an operation or has noted that your foot  and ankle is getting sore and feeling stiff, our physiotherapists are skilled to provide a thorough assessment and treatment of this area and the implications for the rest of the body.

Injury Rehabilitation

Pain management

Movement retraining and efficiency

Safe and supervised exercise setting

Pre operative assessments

Assessment of pre-operative function and range for comparative and rehabilitative benchmarks.

Post-op rehabilitation

Post operative foot and ankle rehabilitation


Dance Physiotherapy

Dance physiotherapy refers to the management and prevention of dance related injuries.  Dance physiotherapists have knowledge, interest and an understanding of both dance and dancers. 

At Eric St we understand that dancers are hardworking, dedicated artists and athletes.  We offer a complete range of services to assist in the management and prevention of dance injuries as well as professional assistance for dancers' development.  


These include:

- Pre pointe assessments

- Dance screenings

- Injury prevention program

- Treatment and rehab of dance injuries

- Pilates for dancers

- Dancer development holiday programs

- Technique enhancement

   (turnout, flexibility and strength)


Our practice principal, Caroline da Silva, has a particular interest and experience in dance and dancers and can offer a professional and experienced opinion on dance matters.

Dance screenings

Eric st Physiotherapy works with a number of dance schools in Perth to screen dancers at various phases of the year.

In addition to performing on-site screenings at various schools we also offer in-house services which can be booked privately.

Pre-pointe assessments

-Comprehensive assessment to gauge readiness for pointe.

-Reports delivered to parents and schools where required

-Remedial exercise prescribed for areas requiring development.

Pilates for Dancers

-Improve turnout

-Improve limb alignment

-Dance performance enhancement

-Injury prevention


Holiday programs

Dance conditioning, Pilates, technique, injury prevention and education are all part of our holiday dance series (sometimes run in term by demand).

Eric St Physio offers the services of an experienced dance physiotherapist with pointe screenings, tretment and professional advice.

- Pre-pointe assessments

- Dance screenings

- Injury prevention program

- Treatment and rehabilitation of dance injuries

- Technique enhancement  (turnout, flexibility and strength)