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Versatile Nutrition coming to Eric St Physiotherapy

Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself before I see you all in person at the practice. I’m Carmen Hudson, a clinical nutritionist and the founder of Versatile Health. Short stats... I studied a bachelor in nutritional medicine. I am mother to 2 boys, Finn and Javier. I originally grew up in the south of Spain and then moved to the UK before coming to Australia 12 years ago where I met my husband Oliver.

So what is clinical nutrition?

Clinical nutrition is the study of the relationship between food and a healthy body. More specifically, it’s the science of nutrients (the substances your body needs to live and grow)—how these substances are processed by your body and how they work individually and together in maintaining health.

As a clinical nutritionist we sit down with you and take a detailed case over an initial appointment of an hour. Then depending on what we uncover, a personal program is put into place to help you achieve the changes you need when striving for optimal health. I may also request some functional lab work to help pinpoint any imbalances and/or prescribe therapeutic supplements to address any chronic deficiencies.

Clinical nutrition takes into account many different factors. Among these are your age, possible physical symptoms, the environment in which you live and in which your food is grown, and consideration of the correlation between nutritional factors and disease progression.

Current published research shows many conditions known to have a strong nutritional component. Among these are:

• cardiovascular disease,

• arthritis and osteoarthritis.

• osteoporosis,

• sarcopenia (muscle wasting),

• pre and post-natal care,

• stress support,

• depression and anxiety,

• obesity,

• fatigue,

• type 2 diabetes,

• hypoglycemia,

• irritable bowel syndrome,

• food sensitivities,

• poor energy and sudden energy drops,

• moods swings,

• inflammatory conditions,

• hormonal imbalances.

Good nutrition can play a vital role in facilitating weight loss, reducing stress and inflammation in the body, increasing energy, clearing “brain fog” and stabilising blood sugar metabolism.

When working with patients we explore the role that nutrients play in their life.

What are your eating habits and lifestyle? Are you experiencing symptoms that might be the result of diet? Are there imbalances that can be noted? What are you hoping to change and what have you already tried?

Nutrition is essential for optimal health. If you are doing all the correct physical rehab but are still struggling to progress, combining the right nutrition with your program is an integrative approach to achieving a balanced lifestyle.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you all very soon!


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