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Feeling stiff and unfit?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

You are a middle-aged man living locally, who is heavily invested in their work and providing for your family. You have teenage kids who are at school locally, playing sports most days of the week. Your wife is in the middle of a health kick, eating well and working out regularly. You feel like you should be doing more exercise too, however you have always found it difficult to find the time to fit in some regular exercise. You’re spending more and more time seated at a desk for work and are finding getting up out of that seat increasingly difficult – that little niggle in your back is getting more noticeable, your hips feel stiff, and your legs and shoulders feel tight. You are also noticing that the numbers on those bathroom scales are creeping up and up, and that you just don’t seem to feel as strong and healthy as you did 10-15 years ago.

Over the years you have tried all different things to stay healthy – F45, swimming, cycling or running, but you get bored with it, and slowly you find yourself doing it less and less. Exercising by yourself just isn’t that fun. Where you used to jump out of bed to go for a surf, bike ride or game of golf, you are now finding it harder and harder to get going, and that despite what you may tell yourself, you’re game just isn’t what it used to be. And let’s not talk about the morning after, a body is so stiff and sore that getting out of bed is a task on its own! If any of this is sounding eerily familiar, then read on.

Like a nice drop of red, or a great wave, mobility and strength grows and develops with time. There is no perfect way to improve your mobility. But what we do know is that regularity is key, and that to be motivated to do something regularly, it needs to be enjoyable and relevant.

If all of this is sounding all too familiar, then keep reading. Incorporating regular strength and mobility into your week could be the difference between you being able to keep up your weekly golf game or weekend surf trip or having to pass because it’s just becoming too difficult, and the ensuing days of stiffness and pain just don’t seem worth it.

Current research supports building up strength through range is the best way to increase mobility versus static stretching.

The next series of surf mobility videos will show you:

-How to build up hip mobility and agility for take off

-Improve spine mobility and Core Power for surf manoeuvres

-Improve shoulder mobility to balance paddling muscles

- Improve knees and ankles mobility

This series is a spicy one that will work on your mobility but will also make you sweat 💦

And no excuses, no equipment required! 👌

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