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Balance development

There is nothing in the world that I like more than staring at my baby girl (I'd say that goes for just about every parent), she has just turned one and is on the brink of walking, one step away, so to speak. I've seen her go from gaining head control, to rolling, to all fours, through reverse commando, commando, the worm (great breakdance move), the conventional crawl and finally to standing. All these skills that we now take completely for granted were gained step by painstaking step and we celebrated all of them as pretty momentous occasions.

As the years roll by we tend not to celebrate our bodies as much, it takes a bit more effort to get out of bed in the mornings and our bodies, which we often take for granted, require some extra TLC to stay in form. For us to function at our best it is important to devote some attention to the areas of our body that we don't often think about, ones that might occupy our blind spot. Paying some attention to your blind spots is a good way to avoid any nasty surprises down the track.

The lovely Jenny D'Cruz has put together a great program aimed at kick-starting the systems that support our balance, we're calling it Balance Development, working agility, lower limb strength, challenging balance and co-ordination and improving core stability. The aim is to improve participant's mobility and balance within a safe and supervised exercise setting and is perfect for those of you wanting to improve their stability and confidence. Whether you are currently experiencing balance issues or just wish to avoid them and decrease your risk of experiencing a fall, this class could be right for you.

Jenny will also be conducting a functional assessment to measure some of the factors associated with balance and independence, this can be used as a baseline for measuring improvements or simply as a snapshot of your body's functional ability at the present moment.

If you would like some more details or to book in please call reception on 08 9384 9374.

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